I always loved winter as a child. The fresh, blank canvas of a pure white blanket. The hope that school would be closed for the day. Outdoor (freezing) adventures building snowmen and sledging.

Nowadays, I see my own children getting excited about the same things in the winter time but I am no longer a fan. Mainly because life continues when you’re an adult and that means driving in the snow!

 a road is covered in snow and cars are dotted across it

Now I like to think that after 23 years on the road I am a fairly confident and accomplished driver but I hate the unpredictability of snow and ice when the weather turns cold. Although there is nothing we can really do about the weather there is one way that we can try to ensure our safety when we are out driving in adverse weather conditions and that is to ensure that your car is in tip-top shape.

A few things to check for include: –

  • Checking that the oil level is high enough.
  • Getting the car battery tested.
  • Checking all bulbs work in headlights, sidelights and reverse lights.
  • Topping up antifreeze in the car water and radiator coolant.
  • Checking spark plugs are clean and ready for a cold start.
  • Checking that tyres have sufficient tread on them.

If you have read that list and thought ‘I wouldn’t know where to begin!’ then I would recommend a winter service or an MOT test which, considering the massive difference it can make to the safety of you and your vehicle is worth every penny. Iverson Tyres London Branch will be happy to provide an MOT test for just £39. An MOT will only take an hour or so and then you have the peace of mind that all the essential checks have been made by an expert rather than just your own attempts and your car is roadworthy for you and your family.

As well as these measures, it’s a good idea to keep blankets, boots and a small shovel in your boot along with a scraper and antifreeze spray. If you are venturing on a long journey then take snacks and fluids as even when road conditions are ok, traffic often moves much slower.

 two girls are wrapped up warm and making a snowman

If you follow all this advice then all that you have to worry about is how cold you’re going to get while helping the kids make a snowman (I tend to supervise from the kitchen personally!)

Wishing you a very happy and safe winter!

Chat soon

Charlie x



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