Winter months, and in particular, dark nights drawing in bring a whole host of issues. Insurance companies have reported a significant increase in household burglaries and personal theft as the cover of darkness is a welcome ally to predators. But taking a few sensible precautions now can ensure that you feel safe and confident as dark nights approach. Here are thirteen winter safety tips to help you to protect yourself and your home this year.

When you are out and about

Try not to walk places alone ~ There is safety in numbers and even two people together means you are less of a target to opportunists.

Relay your movements ~ Let people know when you are leaving, the route you are travelling and when you arrive safely.

Avoid shortcuts ~ Stick to well lit and populated areas. A shortcut may save 10 minutes but it’s not worth the risk when these routes are often darker and quieter.winter safety tips - man walking through an alley way under dark clouds

Mobile phone ~ Try not to use your phone when you are walking. Not only is phone theft on the rise but it distracts you from being vigilant.winter safety tips - woman with mobile

Stay alert ~ Be aware of the people around you and if you do feel that you are being followed, head to a public place for safety.

Prepare during the day ~ Try not to visit cashpoints at night. As with the mobile phones, you may be a target for passing thieves. Withdraw any money you may need during the day. A little bit of preparation will go a long way in keeping you safe.

Attack alarm ~ There are various personal attack alarms available and carrying one may scare off any predators before any harm is done.

Protecting your home.

Timers ~ Use light timers to come on at different times through the house to suggest that people are home.

Belongings ~ Don’t leave belongings on display e.g Ipads charging in the kitchen. Put them out of sight.winter safety tips - computer is left on a table

Curtains ~ Its easy for predators to stand at a window and watch your movements when your lights are on but it is dark outside! As soon as darkness approaches, close your curtains.

Safety checks ~ Ensure that windows and doors are locked at all times. This includes sheds and outbuildings which you may not visit as often in winter months.

Keys ~ Don’t hide spare keys as you never know when you are being watched. Instead, give a spare key to anyone who may need it (ensuring that there is never any indication of the address it belongs to)winter safety tips - man holds a key

Outside light~ Sensor lights are a great way of surprising unwanted guests and alerting you to any activity outside.

Following these simple steps will make a huge difference to your personal and home safety. Of course, in the unlikely and unfortunate event that you were to find yourself a victim of a crime, you should dial 999 immediately and consider the services of a solicitor such as DPP solicitors.

Stay safe this winter and stock up on the hot chocolate for those cozy nights in!

Chat soon

Charlie xx 

*A collaboration post with DPP solicitors 



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