Mothers Day is fast approaching and I’ve had the usual last minute whatsapp message from the siblings of “aarrrrr what do we get for mum?”

Mum and her children

Our dilemma is always what to get the woman who actually is really difficult to buy for not because she has everything but because she asks for nothing and goes mad if we spend too much! She’s an incredible Mum and friend and as with all commerical days, celebrating someone on one day of the year never really excites me. I prefer to get my Mum a bunch of flowers when I am out shopping for no other reason than I am thinking of her and I know that shes always touched when I do anything to make her life a little easier. Little things really do make the biggest difference.

But, as she really is such an amazing Mum, we always want to remind her of the fact that we never take her for granted.

I do think that lots of people rush out on Mothers Day to buy the standard flowers and chocolates without really thinking about what their Mums really like which I think is a real wasted opportunity. So, on that note, these are the things that my siblings and I will be giving to our mum in a hamper style presentation (still not sorted that one – theres nothing quite like a bit of last minute pressure to get a job done!)

Bayliss and Harding have long been associated with affordable luxury and great quality so when I saw the new Fuzzy Duck Pink Gin range I was really excited. Not only do they look fresh and funky but if you stick your nose under the cardboard packaging of the candle set you can appreciate the amazing gin scent without your mum ever knowing you had a sniff! My mum can use the cup set when she is on the reception desk at her job and look really cool and once shes home she can treat her feet to a bit of TLC. Perfect! (available from boots!)

gifts for mum - bayliss and harding gift sets

As a complimentary therapist, Mum is also super keen on natural products and so I know she will love a soak in some dead sea aromatherapy bath salts (available from Boots.) People have bathed in the Dead Sea since biblical times and raved about its conditioning and invigorating properties. The frankincense has calming properties and the Jazmine in the salts moisturizes and tones the body. Just what any tired mum needs and if its good enough for Jesus then its good enough for my mum!

gifts for mum - dead sea bath salts

Mum has two jobs and always puts others first so when I saw ‘The Anxiety Solution’ she jumped to my mind straight away. Mum loves a good self help book not just for her own benefit but so that she can recommend them to her complementary therapy clients and help them even more. This book promises to help you feel in more control to allow you to enjoy your life and from a quick glance it seems really readable so I’m sure she will love it!

gifts for mum - A book called The Anxiety Solution and some crystals

I’m also going to give her some more crystals to add to her set. I love crystals but beyond admiring how pretty they look and trusting that they do have some properties to help calm a fractious energy and mind, I know nothing about what individual crystals can do so I found the introduction and instructions with the set I have from Lindsay, really informative and interesting. Most mums would need that info too but I know mine will just love to have more to her collection.

I did also really love the quality of the Goals journal but if I am honest, I’m more of the goal setter than mum is so I think this will make a lovely gift to me from my boys! Its stunning and goes beautifully with my swarovski pen. Its like it was meant to be (that’s my line and I am sticking to it!)

gifts for mum - goals book

So for all the mums out there, on Mothers Day and everyday, I am wishing you a lovely day and year ahead full of laughter, surrounded by children who adore you (and don’t steal gifts meant for you and claim them as their own!)

Chat soon,

Charlie xxx


***I received these items in exchange for my honest opinion. All views are my own***



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