Since following the Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs. Hinch my home has never looked or smelt as good! However, one of the downsides to a new-found house proud feeling is that I am now keenly aware of the things that need updating or replacing.
One of the parts of my home which is driving me mad is the state of my lounge carpet.

my lounge

I hate to admit that I rarely pull my sofas out to hoover below them but when I do, I see the fluffy carpet that once brightened my lounge. These days, my lounge carpet is a pancake impersonation of its former glory. With six adults and a dog over it day in day out as well as visitors (who I don’t ask to remove shoes) it’s little surprise that my carpet now looks as tired as it does. The question is, what do I do now?
I do love carpet. It is warm and cozy underfoot, dulls the sounds of any footsteps and is soon cleaned with a quick session with the hoover. However, stains are more difficult to remove and once you have chosen and laid the carpet, you are pretty much stuck with the same look for years. Price is also an issue as to get the ‘fluffy’ pile look that I like, I would be paying for high-end brands and quality.
The other option is wood. My floorboards upstairs are wooden but took a long time to sand manually and can be a little drafty through the natural gaps.

my boys room   my bedroom

An alternative to this but retaining the same look is laminate flooring. Gone are the days when it looked shiny and obviously fake. Laminate flooring has come a long way. There are loads of shades to choose from and although it’s not as quick to clean as the carpet with a quick hoover (I sweep and mop my wooden floors), spillages and stains are no problem at all. It’s also very easy to update the look or colour scheme of a room with a new rug meaning that the space becomes very versatile. Unlike carpet where the quality varies enormously and you really do need to see it yourself, laminate flooring can be bought easily online and some sites such as direct wood flooring will send free samples.
I really am undecided. There are pros and cons for both. Which would you choose and why? I need help (gin and cheese is also welcome)

Chat soon

Charlie xxx


This post was written in collaboration with direct wood flooring.



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