These are the products that I have used and reviewed either personally or with my family.

Sometimes the products are given to us in exchange for our opinion, sometimes a payment will accompany the product and sometimes we review a product and also run a competition as part of a give away by the company. I love this as it means that someone else is going to be enjoying the product too. And who doesn’t love winning a competition? (I still remember the excitement of receiving my blue smarties t shirt when they first came out – wow that makes me feel old!)

Educational Quizzes – Our Review

“My son just loves his homework and even asks for more” said no parent of teenage boys ever (if your teenage son says this you need to bottle his enthusiasm, sell it on eBay and book your round the world cruise with the profits!) My 12-year-old son Oliver really wants...

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Movie Night Review – The Boss Baby

Movie night is a relatively new idea in our house. Once a month, technology goes off, the pop corn comes out, the curtains are drawn and we all settle down for a couple of hours of family viewing. This month’s film was The Boss Baby. Now I’m not going to lie, when I...

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Testing the no mess theory with Little Brian Paint Sticks

So, there are some mums who absolutely love an afternoon of crafts with their children. Who have a natural ability to see the various uses for a cereal box and always have the recipe for paper mache in their mind – filed under ‘rainy day fun’. I am not one of those...

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