These are the products that I have used and reviewed either personally or with my family.

Sometimes the products are given to us in exchange for our opinion, sometimes a payment will accompany the product and sometimes we review a product and also run a competition as part of a give away by the company. I love this as it means that someone else is going to be enjoying the product too. And who doesn’t love winning a competition? (I still remember the excitement of receiving my blue smarties t shirt when they first came out – wow that makes me feel old!)

Snorkelling fun in the sun!

We booked a family holiday to Turkey late last year and October 2018 felt like a lifetime away. But before we knew it, October was upon us and we were packing ready for our next family adventure. Included in our suitcases were some pretty impressive snorkelling kits...

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Creating a retreat with a wall mural!

My mum has always worked for the health service and helping people is part of who she is so it was no surprise to me when, over 15 years ago, she decided to take a look at training in complementary therapies alongside her job. At first she studied in and qualified as...

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Clear and comfortable vision direct to your door

It's been about ten years since I had my eyes lasered. My vision was deteriorating and I absolutely hated wearing glasses so it felt like a good option and my vision is still generally great now. However I have started a new job which involves a lot of PC work and my...

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The Skevwickin Snorkelling Adventures Part 1!

As we are a ‘pot noodle’ family (Skevwickin is a mash up of all our surnames), Andrew and I have been able to enjoy some pretty special holidays over the years to places like Mexico, Croatia and Cape Verde while our children have been with their other parents. Andrew...

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The Appearance Game ~ Raising awareness in a fun way!

I had no idea that my baby would be born with a rare cranio facial condition. Essentially, the left hand side of this face never formed and he was born with no eye, eye socket, nostril or ear. Despite being a twin and having lots of scans, his syndrome was never...

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FREE Pamper & Party Pack from 7th Heaven!

When I reached out to companies to ask for contributions to a blog about pampering yourself I was interested to hear from award-winning beauty brand 7th Heaven. I've seen the sachets of their face masks when I have been out shopping and always assumed that the cheap...

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Is this the logo design programme for you?

At the time of writing this blog I am in the process of setting up a charity called More Than a Face. Inspired by my son Harry who was born with a rare cranio-facial condition called Goldenhar syndrome, I aim to raise awareness of facial disfigurement by offering...

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Educational Quizzes – Our Review

“My son just loves his homework and even asks for more” said no parent of teenage boys ever (if your teenage son says this you need to bottle his enthusiasm, sell it on eBay and book your round the world cruise with the profits!) My 12-year-old son Oliver really wants...

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