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Newsletters image - Harry aged 3 smiling on holiday. He has one right eye and just the bud of eye lids on this left.


5th August 2021 – When friends complain  

12th August 2021 – The lie we wear  

19th August 2021 – Making time for siblings 

26th August 2021 – The mistake I made raising Oliver (This is the first time I have ever shared this publicly)

3rd September 2021 – Back to school blues 

9th September 2021 – It wasn’t your fault 

16th September 2021- Talking to your partner 

23rd September 2021 – The hatred I felt 

30th September 2021 – 3 things I told myself 

7th October 2021 – Now that I understand..a poem about a child I never expected



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