I am big on self-reflection. I don’t know whether my degree in psychology and a career in teaching developed that in me or whether I was already pensive type which meant that psychology and teaching spoke to that aspect of my personality but either way, I’m an over thinker.

Recently, I was thinking about the power of hindsight and the lessons we all learn along the path of our lives which, had we been forewarned about, we might have handled differently. This got me thinking (yes, shocker I know!) about the one piece of advice that I would give to myself as a child if I could go back in time. That one nugget of truth that would have made all the difference.

I asked a few Facebook and blogging friends too and was amazed by the number and the tone of the responses. It was clear to me that some of these pieces of advice were based on really significant lessons ~ the loss of people they loved, advice that they’d ignored, time they had wasted, self-talk that hadn’t helped them. So much richness in just one sentence back to ourselves. I was genuinely touched and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. My contributors were also happy for me to share a photograph or two (some of them hilarious, all of them super cute) so feel free to awwww and giggle too!

one piece of advice to myself

My advice would be to ‘always trust that voice inside you. It knows the way, just follow it’ C x

Jessica Don’t worry about what others say . Also you don’t have to be popular at school to succeed in life !

Jane Don’t rush to grow up so quickly. You’re an adult for a very long time and childhood is so short.

Laura I’d tell myself to make the most of family. Spend time with them and don’t take them for granted. You never know when will be the last time you’ll see them. And to phone my dad.

Jen I would tell myself that it is OK not to like everyone and not to get on with everyone. Also it is OK to say no. You should put yourself first sometimes 

Jemma Enjoy it. Soon you’ll be all grown up and have so much to deal with. Laugh, live and love.

Helen  Always believe in yourself x

Kerry I would tell myself that my mother is always right and she is just looking out for me despite what I thought lol. 

Vikki   I would tell myself to believe in every single thing my Dad told me – sometimes he would put things in a way that didn’t make complete sense at that time – but they always made sense in the end. I would tell small me, to believe in myself with the same passion that my Dad believed in me. 

Sinead  Take everything in. Keep it close to your heart and never say no when your mum asks you to go on a walk (It’s been 9 years since my mum passed and I wish I went walking with her more)

Jo  I would tell myself “Don’t follow the crowd just to fit in. Do what makes you happy, true friends will accept you regardless and the others aren’t worth worrying about”

Gemma  I would tell myself to always be the bigger person – despite it sometimes not being easy, always rise above – especially with nasty people!

Bryony  Don’t be afraid to be yourself! 

Sammy  Never think you can’t do something, because you can, just believe in yourself, like Mummy believes in you x

Kenny  Make the most of your school years it’s here where you start the journey of your life !

Karen  Listen and learn!Xx

Kelly  Be open about your likes and hobbies so you find like minded friends 

Emma I would tell myself to treasure every moment with my Mum and not to go out so much as a teenager but instead spend more time with her… she died when I was 21. You just never know what is around the corner. 

Zoe I would tell myself that no matter what anybody says, always speak out, always ask for help & remember that it’s okay to not be okay at times. I was a young carer at just 11 years old when my mum was diagnosed with severe PND after having my youngest brother. 

Kate  I would tell myself not to assume that everyone hated me.

Emma  I would tell myself to keep going, don’t give up and not let other people tell me that I can’t do something because I’ll get where I want to be eventually!

Lauren  No matter how hard it may seem, always do the right thing.

Louise  You will get through it because you are strong, do what you know is right.

Susan  Love yourself as others love you x

Aimee  That the tough times are only ever temporary x

Clare  Make the time, work hard, listen to your heart but trust your head!

Bekki Love yourself, Believe in yourself and Be yourself.

Jen  Thing I’d tell myself – “Blending in is boring. Be true to yourself – embrace what makes you unique”

Susan  Keep smiling….it really upsets the people who give you grief.. and its much nicer than moaning.

Kerri  I would have said to myself none of this is important when youre older and enjoy been slim before you’re not anymore X

Some quotes were a little less profound so I’ll end with these three which I know will make you all smile (and maybe nod in agreement)

Laura   Don’t eat cheese strings all day everyday or you will get gallstones!

Grace   Don’t be a dick

Heather My advice would be “Don’t mess with your eyebrows”


Thanks to everyone who contributed. I’ve loved writing this blog to our younger selves. What would you say to yours?

Chat soon,

Charlie xx



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