I recently wrote about the 5 reasons why my son Oliver is the unsung hero of our story as the sibling of Harry who has a rare cranio facial condition and autism. I proudly recognised his patience and acceptance, empathy and maturity, forgiveness and understanding, communication and protective instinct.

Cuddles for Harry from Oliver

In thinking about my blog, I asked a few of my blogging friends who also have SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) as well as neurotypical children for their thoughts. My own blog turned out to be quite lengthy (usually I apologise at my waffling but I have no shame in singing the praises as my boy this time) so today, I am dedicating my blog to the heroes of other family stories. The children who may not always get the recognition they deserve. The ones who constantly smile through their own struggles and demonstrate compassion naturally and daily. From my own experience I know that Oliver’s teachers and friends parents had no idea how much he deals with until they read my book and so I hope to raise a bit of awareness of the brilliance of other siblings and here’s why…

Miriam ~  Naomi is my unsung hero as she puts up with screaming, being physically hurt, having less attention, having her favourite things broken and even her goldfish killed yet her love for her brother never ever waivers.

sibling hero - miriam

Sarah  My son’s twin sister is exactly that. She’s his legs when he needs something and best friend. And she will protect him no matter what. 

sibling hero - sarah b


Mandi – All six of mine are amazing with Tyrus. Viggo is younger than Tyrus and has never known life without him, but Tyrus completely blanked him for the first 18 months of his life, now they are the best of friends and he gets more conversation out of Tyrus than anyone! The other five are so patient and understanding with him and they do everything they can to make life a little easier for me too.

sibling hero - mandi


Hana – Arlo is 19 months younger than Tilly. Their dad left when I was pregnant with him and he was exactly what I needed. When things are really hard with his sister, he makes me laugh until I cry. He is such a kind hearted lovely boy and so wise despite only being three. He’s the best and I’m so glad I have him! 

sibling hero - hana

Lauren – Logan is a fantastic sibling to Bella, he never questions any of her behaviours or the fact that she never speaks to him. He is such a good helper to me as well even though he has autism himself so has his own difficulties.

sibling hero - lauren

Lucie – My oldest, Izzy is 15 and has put up with a lot of violent outbursts from Xavier over the years. He has Autism. Despite their bickering she LOVES her brother. She’s a great girl and I’m so proud of her.

sibling hero - lucie

Steph – Tamsin has to allow his sister to have so many choices and have favours which would normally go to an older sibling; one example of that is letting her younger sister always have the front seat of the Car. Tamsin knows the strategies to use to keep Sasha calm and uses them most of the time, even when she’d rather not. She’s a super sibling in my eyes.

sibling hero - steph

Gemma Billy is amazing with Isla. He even asked if he could stand up in class and teach his class mates about autism. He cheers Isla on, he hugs her when she’s sad and holds her hand. When she does something new he’s the first to celebrate, he sings with her, teaches her and loves her exactly for who she is.
Their relationship makes my heart melt and could teach people a lot about true, unconditional love.

sibling hero - gemma

Sheri  Owen’s twin Sister Florence is an unsung hero of our story as from the word go she has accepted and understood that things are slightly different for our family. She is his partner in crime & best friend.

sibling hero - sheri

Lizzie – Chloe is our unsung hero. She is playmate, carer, advocate, hands, legs, voice, partner in crime (or at least serious mischief) to Mojo. She asks ‘what about Mojo’ so much that she challenges my inclusivity and makes me make things work for them to do things together. Their bond is beyond anything I could have dreamed of when we chose to have a second child.

Sibling hero - lizzie


Each and every one of those comments gave me goosebumps and simply reminds me that though our lives may be tougher than many, we are also more fortune than most and we are blessed to have the children we do. Here’s to our superheroes, their side kicks and to more adventures for us all!


Chat soon

Charlie xx

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