MOTs – Dos and Don’ts for Safe Family Travel
Driving around a city’s streets, like London, will wear your car’s moving parts down, especially if you do short runs in the rush hour, such as dropping the kids off at school. Cars suffer over time if they never get much above 30-mph without a sustained run over a faster road. Any Londoner who wants to make sure that their children are safe in their car should take ongoing maintenance seriously. Various safety checks are now made during MOTs. Therefore, if you don’t take the following steps to look after your car, then you will fail your MOT. They are important for all Londoners. You can book an MOT test in London at DAT Tyres here.
Check Seatbelts 
If your children get their seatbelts tangled up in the back of your car, then they sometimes won’t retract properly. Permanently twisted seatbelts won’t lock up properly if you need to stop in an emergency which could mean your children are not kept in their seats. What’s more, your car will not pass its MOT. Untangle them and ensure there are no frayed edges.
MOT - a seatbelt from behind
Inspect Your Tyres 
Don’t drive on damaged or worn down tyres. If there is insufficient tread, then you cannot brake properly. Likewise, tyres with bulges in them may well blowout as you drive over one of the many potholes you find in London. This is not only unsafe but it could easily leave you stranded with children in your car.
MOT - car tyres
Confirm Your Lights Work 
Even something as simple as a blown hazard warning light can mean you fail your MOT. What is even more important is that they work when you need them. Especially when you have your family on board, your hazard warning lamps must be able to function clearly. In low visibility conditions, they could be all that prevents someone from crashing into you!
MOT - headlights



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