I am a mother (life long carer for two), fiance, daughter, sister and friend. All of those roles are important ones to me but sometimes you just want to press pause for a while and just be you. So here I am, just Charlie.

Read my thoughts on everything and nothing in particular. My musings and ramblings on a life that continues to amaze and confuse me in equal measure daily!

Sometimes, particularly for mums who have the challenge of being a carer too, we can forget who we are when we are busy racing around and thinking of everyone else first so I make no apologies for being unashamedly self indulgent and a little bit sarcastic. I’d love you to meet me as myself as well as my boys Mum. I suggest you bring crackers and cheese – chances are that copious amounts of both will have been consumed in the creation of these blogs. Cheese is what I live for – after the boys, obvs!

How an accusation of ableism made me realise what I really am

I have recently embraced the 300mph life in the social media fast lane of twitter! Generally, I have to say that I am really enjoying it (the hilarious gifs and sarcastic tweets are just brilliant) but recently I have seen the ugly side of social media on there. I am...

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The one piece of advice I would give to myself as a child

I am big on self-reflection. I don’t know whether my degree in psychology and a career in teaching developed that in me or whether I was already pensive type which meant that psychology and teaching spoke to that aspect of my personality but either way, I’m an over...

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4 weird habits that make me an irritating date!

You may or may not have already read my introduction but just to fill you in a little more, I am officially off the shelf now and no longer dating. This is just as well really as I have caught myself doing some pretty weird things lately (I’ve done them for years but...

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Bedtime issues – the traumas of parenting

If someone had said to me 15 years ago “I see a lot of bedroom gymnastics in your future” I’d have left with a very excited imagination and quite possibly a wavy fanny. Fast forward to parenthood and the gymnastics are not quite the scene you may expect. The slide...

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Messages from the other side – evidence or coincidence?

Someone you loved dearly has died and you are bereft. There is a hole in your heart and life and you don’t know how to even begin to carry on. You are going to be doing one of two things. Trying to pick up the pieces and start to rebuild a life in the knowledge that...

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Why you should always trust your intuition – introducing Flo

One night in September 2001 I was driving past my grandparents flat having just had my hair cut at a friend’s house. It was late, around 10pm and I had an early start the next day with my boyfriend as we travelled to Scotland for a few days. As I drove past my...

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A little bit about me…

Let me introduce myself Ok so I am going to take a few minutes to be unashamedly self-indulgent and tell you a little bit about me and who I am. After all, you’re going to be seeing a lot of me and my boys so you might as well know the back story behind the...

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