I am a mother (life long carer for two), fiance, daughter, sister and friend. All of those roles are important ones to me but sometimes you just want to press pause for a while and just be you. So here I am, just Charlie.

Read my thoughts on everything and nothing in particular. My musings and ramblings on a life that continues to amaze and confuse me in equal measure daily!

Sometimes, particularly for mums who have the challenge of being a carer too, we can forget who we are when we are busy racing around and thinking of everyone else first so I make no apologies for being unashamedly self indulgent and a little bit sarcastic. I’d love you to meet me as myself as well as my boys Mum. I suggest you bring crackers and cheese – chances are that copious amounts of both will have been consumed in the creation of these blogs. Cheese is what I live for – after the boys, obvs!

Finding out that there are three in your relationship

Sometimes we coast through this life of ours blissfully unaware of an issue which is staring us in the face. I ran, head on into one such problem very recently. My fiancé Andrew and his children were at my house and our children were playing on the play station. He...

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Valentine’s Day Disaster Dates

Picture the scene. I’m 14 and madly in ‘love’ with a boy at school, we’ll call him Richard (Dick for short *sniggers*). I have graffitied the cover of my diary with CB hearts RB and pushed anonymous mix tapes through his door like some sort of pathetic love-struck...

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5 ways to combat negative self-talk

Regardless of who you are; how popular, rich, successful or happy you feel, I’m sure that every single one of us has, at times been the victim of the same scathing and wounding abuse. It can be relentless at times and penetrates far deeper than general comments and...

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5 reasons why you will never be the perfect mother

I’ve had quite the week of it over the past 5 days. On Friday I sent my non verbal son off to school with no shoes on his feet. That’s right, no shoes. When he went outside and hugged his chaperone we thought it was cute. What he was actually doing was saying “Carry...

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Reviewing Asda’s Cheese Advent Calendar

If you're a friend or a regular reader of my blog then you will know how much I simply adore cheese and even held a cheese tasting evening for my charity recently. I was so excited to get my hands on the cheese advent calendar that Asda released this year that I...

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Cheese tasting and Charity

I have spent over nine years writing the story of my journey as a mum plunged into the world of facial disfigurement and special needs when one of my twins was born with Goldenhar syndrome (essentially only half of his face developed). In May 2017 I started blogging...

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What random acts of kindness really mean

I would say that of all the qualities I have, kindness is up there as one I am most proud of. I am the person that always thanks the waitress for good service (it used to embarrass the life out of my ex-husband so I did it all the more to wind him up!) I’m the one who...

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