Picture the scene.  I am out and about doing some shopping, minding my own business when a radio presenter thrusts a huge red microphone at me and asks my opinion on the new one pound coin? I don’t remember my reply. I do remember thinking “don’t say I don’t give a crap!” After sharing my snippet of wisdom, I thought it would be a good opportunity to ask who I would need to contact once my book was out to promote it. The presenter, John asked for a little bit of info and said that he could see the station running two stories. One at this stage now to get the background story and another when the book was coming out to give it a plug.

Smug and hopeful

Yeeeeess! You know those moments when you feel temporarily smug!  I gave myself a little pat on the back for seizing a moment. Then two minutes later, red berry tea in one hand and m&s macaroon in the other (I was in the coffee shop by this time) I had the sudden fear that nothing may actually come of it.

However, true to his word, the brilliant John Acres of BBC Radio Stoke got in touch and arranged for me and the boys to go to the studio on Tuesday (18th April) to be interviewed.

Sharing my darkness

We talked about the darkness at the start of my journey. The overwhelming sadness and at one point, the feelings I had about not even wanting to be here anymore. We also covered the book and how it had come about and where I am now – a marvellous place full of celebration for the boys I’ve got and long gone grief for the life I had once dreamed of (I love our life too much to ever change it now!) It was a fab interview but what amazed me most was Oliver’s response when asked what he thought of my book

My brilliant, beautiful big boy

“ I respect Mum. She’s had some tough times but she’s come through it and now she wants to help other people and I really respect that”.

Well that was me trying to steady a wobbly lip and not throw myself across the studio to wrap my arms around him. What a lucky mother I am!!

John was able to edit the 25 minute interview (yes, if talking was an Olympic sport I would be bringing Gold home for Britain) down to 8 minutes and it aired today to some fabulous reviews and messages of love and support. I sweat and shook more listening to it back than I did on the day! What’s that all about??

What a brilliant experience. I think I can see myself in Radio – I’ve definitely got the face for it!!

It just goes to show that you never know where one comment or question can lead. If I hadn’t asked John who to get in touch with when I met him and his big red microphone, we’d have missed out on a fantastic experience and who knows…maybe one other Mum might be inspired to read our story and know that she’s not alone in her own altered life.

I still have no interesting opinion on the one pound coin.


Chat soon

Charlie xx

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