I bought my home in 2012 after separating from my husband.


It was a beautiful 1930’s home but in need of serious renovation and modernisation which I have spent the last eight years working on (not to mention the money, blood, sweat and tears)


Now ,I would say that internally, our home is everything I wanted it to be, and more with a recent addition of an extension to give my son, who has autism, his own bedroom and wet room.


I look at my home and feel incredibly proud of what has been achieved here for me and my family.


Then I look outside.


Now, its fair to say that I am not the greenest fingered of people in the slightest which is unfortunately considering my house is on a corner plot with three decent sized lawns surrounding it. But unlike internally, I look at the garden and feel no desire to improve it and no inspiration as to what on earth to do anyway.


The front and rear gardens are mown and trimmed, the boarders get weeded on occasion but are fairly barren but those areas are not unruly enough to stress me out or make me feel embarrassed.


The side garden is another story! When we first moved in, it was a luscious lawn which had been tended to by the family of the elderly lady who lived here before us. We had to put a fence up in 2015 when my son escaped and ran across the road and so we were left with an odd shaped space and not much idea what to do with it.

The original side garden


The side garden gate and fence

When the extension was underway, the side garden became a work site and the bit of grass that we did have was trampled and ruined by machinery and cement.


Now, we are left with an area which does enjoy the sunshine and would make a great space for the kids to play on but it looks awful and in all honesty I can’t face another lawn to mow.

Our side garden, patchy and messy Our side garden, patchy and messy

So I’m cheating.


When cheap artificial grass first came onto the market, I was really sceptical about the quality and overall finish. Since then, I think it’s come a long way in its texture, colour and quality and I have got several friends enjoying a permanent, glossy blanket of green in their garden and no mowing!


I am super tempted.


The other alternative is to patio the area and simply have a few raised borders or even pot plants to add a splash of colour. Again, super low maintenance but an area that we can use for entertaining and relaxing.


I can’t decide so I need your help.


I am open to all suggestions on how to transform the space into a low maintenance, functional and child friendly area. I want to create an area outside that I can be as proud of as I am the interior of my home.


Answers on a post card please (If you’re old enough to remember doing that, I hope it makes you feel as old as it does for me!)

I’m looking forward to reading your suggestions!

Chat soon,

Charlie xxx



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