FREE Support Resources

Welcome to my page of free support resources that are either live or coming soon!

If there is an area of life that you would like help with that isn’t here, feel free to email me at info@ouraltereredlife with your suggestions and I will try my best to help!



Worrier to Warrior – 7 ways to thrive in life when your child has additional needs. Click here to download 

Nine things that every SEND mum needs to know. Click here to download 

31 self-care moments for busy mums – Click here to download


The definitive ‘Do and Don’t Guide’ following your child’s diagnosis – Click here to download 


a woman relaxes with her eyes closed on a background of stars and cosmic style colours

FREE self-talk session. Identify, challenge, and improve your own self-talk. Click here to download 

Understanding grief and loss – Coming soon!

Finding time for others – Coming soon!

Identity and isolation – Coming soon!

Fears for the future – Coming soon!

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