We are a family of many combinations. Sometimes we are a family of three – me, Oliver and Harry. Often we are a four – adding Andrew, super step-dad of the year, into the mix. At times our family grows to six when we are lucky enough to be joined by Andrews children Benedicta and Harrison. Oh and don’t forget Sherlock the dog. He deserves a mention!

Life is always hectic and never dull.

In my family blog, I’ll be sharing the highs and lows of an Altered Life from everyones perspective. We are a team and I hope you enjoy reading about our journey.

To my boys ~ 9 things I want you to know about love

To my boys, You can barely remember life with your Dad and I together under one roof and yet, I see that the loss of that unit is affecting your perception of love as you grow so there are some things I want you to know. I loved your Dad very much and we made some...

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8 ways to support children’s mental health

The calendar is full of events throughout the year promoting, celebrating and remembering different occasions. Some are funny such as International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day on 23rd fab (rush out now to stock up. If you don’t have a dog you’ll need one of those...

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5 reasons to share the children– for parents who struggle

In 2009 I made the decision to leave my husband. It wasn’t easy and naturally, I worried about how my decision would affect our boys but one thing I always tried to do was to ensure that the boys knew they were still loved by us both. Today we are a great parenting...

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5 reasons why my neurotypical son is the super hero of our story

If you don’t follow Special Books by Special Kids already on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook then you really need to as what Chris and his partner Alyssa produce on their channel is inspirational, life affirming stuff! Through December 2017 they are travelling the...

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The best parenting advice we were given

My sister is getting married next year and I am already getting excited about the idea of having a niece or a nephew in the future. After spending the afternoon with her recently I thought about the one piece of advice that I would pass on to her in the early days of...

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5 ways we’ve become a blended family  

After Mark and I separated I became a single mum. Similarly, when Andrew separated from his wife he became a single father of two. Each of us had our distinct little units. When Andrew and I decided that we wanted to build a future together and introduced our children...

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5 reason why I’m not telling my son to man up

I have written before about my son Oliver’s battle with anxiety and my attempts to help him. Recently I had a chat with someone (we’ll call him Jim), about the conversations I have been having with my son. Jim made a few points, some of which I agreed with, some of...

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One to one time with my boys – the joys and struggles

Welcome to motherhood where you are not given a handbook with frequently asked questions in the back such as “why does my son decide to pee a fountain the second I remove his nappy?” “why does my child suddenly cry for the toys I am giving to the charity shop even...

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Seeing an autism meltdown – how can you help?

My facebook page is usually a place of laughter where I regularly take the mickey out of our unique lives and offer an insight into what an altered life looks like. I’m mindful not to just show the magical moments because every life has both joy and heartache and I...

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