We are a family of many combinations. Sometimes we are a family of three – me, Oliver and Harry. Often we are a four – adding Andrew, super step-dad of the year, into the mix. At times our family grows to six when we are lucky enough to be joined by Andrews children Benedicta and Harrison. Oh and don’t forget Sherlock the dog. He deserves a mention!

Life is always hectic and never dull.

In my family blog, I’ll be sharing the highs and lows of an Altered Life from everyones perspective. We are a team and I hope you enjoy reading about our journey.

The frustrations of an invisible sibling

I have written before about the reasons why Oliver is the unsung hero of our story. As much as I try to divide my time equally its incredibly hard when one child does need more attention. Even when you are physically with the sibling, you're hyper aware that the other...

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10 things you would never know from looking at my boy

My son has a rare cranio-facial condition called Goldenhar Syndrome as well as Autism. I have spoken before about the reasons why that combination is a blessing at times but undoubtedly people feel a few things when they look at us. Particularly on the days when one...

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Why it’s hard to have fun without my boys

Its Alton Towers and the sun is shining. We are screaming on the white-knuckle rides and enjoying warm doughnuts covered in sugar. We are walking miles, chatting and laughing and yet, something feels strange as we all have fun together. You see, today we are a four....

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Harry’s birthday weekend in Nottingham.

My boys are 13 now and to celebrate the arrival of their teenage years I wanted to do something a little special for them both. You may have read my blog on things to do in Rome which I wrote with Oliver when we came back from 4 days there which I had saved long and...

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19 tips when you visit Rome with a teenager! (or anyone else)

My Son Oliver has always loved History and after watching a programme about the Colosseum and later the film Gladiator (skipping the inappropriate parts) he told me that he would love to visit Rome one day. This passing statement went into my mental vault along with...

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13 wishes for my boys as they become teenagers

In some ways it seems like yesterday that my baby boys came into this world and I can’t believe that they are 13 already. In other ways, it feels like a lifetime ago as that day changed me so much and I am such a different person now to the mother I became back then....

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What to buy for the child who wants nothing? 4 ideas!

We are used to hearing the phrase ‘what do you buy for the man/woman who has everything?’ but I have a slightly different but equally challenging dilemma; ‘what to buy for the child who wants nothing?’ When my twin boys were young it was so easy to get carried away in...

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Should we be banning Father’s Day?

I recently saw a debate on television about whether Father’s Day should be banned as the numbers of single parents are on the rise. Whaaaat? Even if that’s the case and a mother is raising her children alone as my mum did for years, they didn’t arrive as the product...

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Pregnancy & Parenting – expectations vs reality

June is the month of my boy’s birth. As I write this blog, I was 28 weeks pregnant 13 years ago, looking like a weeble and peeing roughly every 45 seconds! (only a slight exaggeration) *Note, I have NO photgraphs of me when I was pregnant as they were all on my...

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