Sometimes we will enjoy a day out or an event that we haven’t had the chance to experience before in exchange for sharing our experiences in my blog.

I am always incredibly grateful for the chance to enable my boys and step children to enjoy something different and love working with brands who are looking to work with families where catering for a variety of special and extra special needs is essential.

5 things we loved about the Lake District!

Back in November 2017 my son Harry was the inspiration for a huge rally of classic cars through Liverpool in aid of raising funds for the charity I have founded to raise awareness of facial disfigurement called More Than a Face. It was a fantastic day which raised...

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Exploring Wild Worlds at Chester Zoo

We recently decided to make the most of the sunny weather and visit Chester Zoo as a family for the first time. We timed it to coincide with the 'Wild Worlds Festival' which the zoo has running until the end of September where visitors are encouraged to 'discover new...

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Harry’s Young Aviators & new dining experience

Its so hard to know what to buy for Harry when it comes to birthdays and I recently blogged about tips for other people who might not know what to buy for the child who literally wants nothing because I know what a challenge it is. So when I saw a post in a group I am...

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Manchester make up masterclass – a review

  On Sunday 23rd June I attended a Celebrity Make-Up Masterclass run in association with debenhams make up. It was held at the Raddison Blu in Manchester which is a lovely hotel and the make up artist in the spot light was Amy of 'Amys Make up Box'. Amy is a self...

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Our fantastic city break in Manchester!

Picture the scene. Its 24th April 2011, a sunny Sunday afternoon. Two people are on their way to a blind date. The man has only been separated from his wife for a year and is still a bit fragile. He’s not particularly looking for a relationship and is so unconcerned...

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9 tips for a great hen weekend

After a year of planning, I am thrilled to report that my sister’s hen weekend went without a hitch! She had known absolutely nothing about the weekend and so it all came as a great surprise to reveal the different surprises that had been planned. We caught the train...

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Your bargain getaway just got cheaper! £25 off!

Picture the scene, I have organised hen night accommodation for 21 women over a weekend getaway in February to celebrate the impending marriage of my sister. I got a brilliant price but realise 2 months before the event that I booked the accommodation for the WEDDING...

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The Snowman Tour – Our Review

I was really excited to see a local showing of The Snowman by carrot productions accompanied by a live orchestra and to introduce my boys to the magic of strings (other instruments are available but they are my favourite) The performance itself did not disappoint. It...

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The Snowman Tour – Coming to a venue near you soon!

There are certain films and programmes that I only associate with Christmas. Home Alone has got to be in the top 5 and I refuse to watch Love Actually unless the Christmas tree is up. But one programme has a very special place in my heart. The Snowman is an iconic...

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