I recently turned double 20 years old (not that I am in denial or anything) and as part of my celebrations my fiance Andrew and I went out with friends. While we were out, my lovely friend Sophie who had arranged the surprise night away pulled a gift from her handbag – 40 photos of Charlene.

my friends collection of 40 photos of charlene  me and sophie smiling over cocktails

There were so many images of our friendship and adventures over the years and I absolutely love the collection that made my face ache from smiling and laughing. Its definitely one of my best presents and it got me thinking. I absolutely love homemade gifts like this, the ones that take thought and planning rather than a quick dash to the shops and I am always the first to recommend a homemade option when friends are in the middle of a gift crisis. And yet, whenever I have made something for someone I have felt a little bit cheap giving it to them without a ‘proper gift’! I have no idea why I feel this way when I for one would much prefer to receive such a thoughtful gift but it got me wondering where else in my life I don’t practice what I preach.

Self-care is a big one. ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ is so true and you will hear me saying that phrase regularly. You will also hear me saying “I don’t have the time to go to the gym!” and other excuses. I am the world’s worst at putting myself first and having some downtime but I know that’s a very common problem especially for mums who are juggling so many things at the same time. When I asked a group of blogging friends what it is that they preach but don’t practice, self-care was definitely number one. These were a few of the others…

Clare  I always say to my ladies that they need to eat x, y and z to stay healthy in pregnancy and yet I ate practically only chicken nuggets for 9 months when I had my daughter!

This one made me laugh Clare, I love that you’re a midwife and lived on nuggets!

 KFC nuggets and fries

Laura  I always tell people not to worry and am probably the most anxious overthinking worrier I know

Me too Laura although I have got better over time by telling myself constantly that everything will be ok and to only focus on today. Often works, sometimes doesn’t!

a woman holds the fabric of her skirt in a worried way

Ian I always tell my kids to make their beds in the morning, because that way, they have achieved something already and it will continue throughout the day. I then rush out the door with my duvet in a pile at the end of the bed!

I love this Ian. Wait until your kids are pointing it out to you. I regret the day I ever taught my son Oliver what the world hypocrite meant!

 a bed is left unmade

Emma I tell everyone not to worry about what others think, especially when it comes to how you raise your kids but I have those niggles there myself all the time!!

Yeah, I bet that’s a huge one for all parents too.

a mother and father hold their daughters hand as she paddles in waves

Sarah I go on and on about not caring if a friend’s house is a mess and how it even makes me feel better so please don’t tidy if I come over….and then I won’t let anyone in my own house if it’s messy!

I’m a bit obsessed with Mrs. Hinch at the moment but trying to keep the house tidy is a full-time job (I’d like to blame the kids but I am super messy too)

 a woman is on her mobile, looking worried in a messy lounge

Charlotte Zealey I always say don’t worry what people think and money doesn’t make you happy. But I always worry what people think and I stress when I don’t have a certain amount of money.

I have mentioned briefly before about my own struggle with the relationship between income and self-esteem. It can be really hard to deal with cant it.

 various pound notes stirling in a pile

Fariba Dashtgard Soetan I tell my children to assert themselves, to tell people what they need or feel. But I don’t do that myself.

This is a great one and a reminder to BE the person we want our children to be and not just tell them. Its much easier said than done though, especially when you are trying to encourage your children to develop a quality you’d love as an adult.

 be brave is written on a board in chalk

Finally, Emma said “every year I tell my husband/boys not to put the wrappers back into the tin of Christmas chocolates as its really annoying and completely lazy. Yet, this is exactly what I do when no-one is looking AND it has the added benefit that I can blame the chocolate consumption on somebody else! #winning

Emma this is genius and I will be doing this myself next year (this year is prep and embedding the new rule time lol)

So those are the things that we practice but don’t preach. I’d love to know your contribution would be to this discussion. I’m off to chill on the sofa for half an hour (not really, I’m far too busy!)

Chat soon

Charlie xxx





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