Dear Santa…A Mothers Letter

Dear Santa, Yes, I know you're not real. I have paid the shopping bill and swore at the elusive end of the sellotape enough times to know that its all on me but just for once, I am trusting, in the same way that millions of children do every year, in the power of...

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Do you always practice what you preach?

I recently turned double 20 years old (not that I am in denial or anything) and as part of my celebrations my fiance Andrew and I went out with friends. While we were out, my lovely friend Sophie who had arranged the surprise night away pulled a gift from her handbag...

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40 things I have learned in 40 years

Despite dreading turning 40 for the past 6 months I woke on my 40th birthday feeling no different than before (other than a whopping cold sore which I'm hoping isn't an omen for the year ahead!) Loads of people (over the age of 40) have told me that 40 is still young...

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The emotional conflict of letting my boy grow

This week I was explaining to one of the classes I teach what it means to be in 'emotional conflict'; to feel conflicted. Today, as I packed my sons suitcase for his week-long residential with school, I became the embodiment of that description. When I asked Harry if...

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7 ways that Anne Hegerty is helping people to understand ASD

Unless you are a fan of daytime TV you may have no idea who Anne Hegerty is so first of all, let me enlighten you. Anne is one of a few resident 'super brains' on the quiz show 'The Chase' who go up against contestants as they try to win money by answering trivia...

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To the bullies who hurt me…

I wasn't bullied as a child but I was teased every now and then. I draw the distinction because bullying involves an individual or a group of people with more power, repeatedly and intentionally cause hurt or harm to another person or group. It's not the odd comment...

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