A financial plan for my disabled son (part 3) The Trust Fund

Back in 2017, I wrote a blog post called '3 reasons why I can't die' talking about the emotional impact of leaving a child behind who will always be vulnerable and need care. From that blog, I was invited onto Radio 5 live to discuss the topic which I blogged about in...

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Its time to talk…

February 7th is National 'Time to Talk' day with this years focus being on bringing the right combination of a listening ear, a willingness to be open-minded and plentiful amounts of tea and biscuits together as we discuss mental health Many of my followers on social...

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Still birth; life, love and loss

Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. Could you please share your name and where in the country you are from?   I’m Laura, mum of five, wife of one, and we live together with our dog Oscar in Lancashire.    Would you mind sharing the moment(s) that your...

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Dear Santa…A Mothers Letter

Dear Santa, Yes, I know you're not real. I have paid the shopping bill and swore at the elusive end of the sellotape enough times to know that its all on me but just for once, I am trusting, in the same way that millions of children do every year, in the power of...

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Do you always practice what you preach?

I recently turned double 20 years old (not that I am in denial or anything) and as part of my celebrations my fiance Andrew and I went out with friends. While we were out, my lovely friend Sophie who had arranged the surprise night away pulled a gift from her handbag...

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40 things I have learned in 40 years

Despite dreading turning 40 for the past 6 months I woke on my 40th birthday feeling no different than before (other than a whopping cold sore which I'm hoping isn't an omen for the year ahead!) Loads of people (over the age of 40) have told me that 40 is still young...

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The emotional conflict of letting my boy grow

This week I was explaining to one of the classes I teach what it means to be in 'emotional conflict'; to feel conflicted. Today, as I packed my sons suitcase for his week-long residential with school, I became the embodiment of that description. When I asked Harry if...

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