Living with Anxiety – a siblings curse

Recently, Oliver’s school was closed for voting and so we were excited to have a day together on our own. I say on our own, but we had a pain in the arse (for us both) companion for most of the day...Oliver’s anxiety. When did it begin? I couldn’t tell you a specific...

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What to do when you’re worried about bonding with your baby.

You have been cooking your baby nicely for many months now. You are excited and nervous in equal measure, wondering how life will change. But you are sure of one thing. You are going to love this baby more than you have ever loved anyone or anything before it. You...

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The great divide. Me and the ‘other’ mums.

I don’t remember much about the first time I saw my babies. I think I had been in a numb daze. Still shocked and trying to process it all. Trying to wake myself up from the news which had just turned our world upside down. I certainly didn't feel like a Mum yet! I was...

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Mental Health ~ Myths and Reality

Common mental health beliefs include that there is absolutely no need to become depressed if you notice the signs and do something proactive to help – exercise, socialise, laugh with friends! Anxiety is simply a state of mind and people can “shake it off” if they...

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What does a child’s prosthetic ear look like?

When people see Harry, without doubt the first thing they notice is his missing eye. Rarely do people notice that he only has one nostril. I don’t think anyone has ever commented on the fact that he’s only got one ear.  His Dad and I were in no rush to have another...

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How to have fun at the circus!

A week or so after I had set up our Facebook page for Our Altered Life I was contacted by Rachel from a company called Circus Starr who asked if I would be interested in some tickets to see their circus performance. Obviously, I was really pleased to have been...

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How to share your story! I’ve got a face for radio!

Picture the scene.  I am out and about doing some shopping, minding my own business when a radio presenter thrusts a huge red microphone at me and asks my opinion on the new one pound coin? I don’t remember my reply. I do remember thinking “don’t say I don’t give a...

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