When the TV in my kitchen broke recently I just assumed it would be really easy to replace it. But seriously, what has happened in the  6 years since I last bought a television? I feel like I need a degree now just to understand all the jargon to describe the properties of them and don’t get me started on curved surfaces? CURVED?!

TV hunting - a new tv with a curved screen

Whats this all about please?


On top of my total lack of knowledge, I also don’t have a huge budget to splurge so I set about hunting for a new TV on a site that I could trust. Latestdeals.co.uk had me at ‘is a community of bargain hunters’ because in the same way that food always tastes better when someone else makes it, a purchase is even sweeter when you have been able to save some pennies in the process. Trust pilot recommend the site with a whopping 9.6 out of 10 so I set about having a look around to see whether there was anything that interested me.

TV hunting - pennies in a jar

The site itself is split into deals, vouchers, freebies and competitions and be warned, you will lose hours of your life browsing these pages (but on the bright side, you’ll also save loads of money!) Bargains cover every possible area of life from books and fashion to music, travel and video gaming! There are so many deals and bargains to be had! For me, there was only one place to check out and that was the television section. I ended up on the ‘cheap LED TV‘ section which sounds just up my street and I spent quite a while having a leisurely browse (so much easier than taking the boys into an actual shop and playing hunt the sales assistant!)

The deals genuinely are really good and whereas some are already reduced, others have voucher codes for you to use on the merchants website. All the descriptions lead you to other websites so its more of a referral site than a sales site so you have to go to the other sites to read reviews etc which is something I am obsessed with! It saves hours trawling through separate sites to try and find the best deals and I found a couple of really good contenders. Televisions now are about so much more than just watching a picture. Its about sound quality, streaming options and even how well it fits in with your decor! I think I have settled on a JVC  32″ Smart LED TV which is HD Ready with Catch up Tv, Freeview and Netflix available. Check me out with my terminology! It appears that you can also get an education as well as a bargain while you are browsing!

TV hunting - a new tv

I’m hoping to buy the new TV on payday so until then I’ll be checking out the other offers and deals that they have! Head over there and see what you think! You can also join the community and get notified of new deals so you don’t miss out. As for me, I’m off to the tip with my relic of a TV that looks like it should be in a museum. I cant imagine what TV’s will be like in another 6 years but at least now I wont be paying over the odds for one!

TV hunting

Mine wasn’t this old. Not quite anyway!

Chat soon



This post was written in collaboration with latestdeals.co.uk. All views are my own



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