Picture the scene, I have organised hen night accommodation for 21 women over a weekend getaway in February to celebrate the impending marriage of my sister. I got a brilliant price but realise 2 months before the event that I booked the accommodation for the WEDDING weekend and not the hen night! This could have been an incredibly expensive mistake were it not for the fact that I reserved the Manchester Apartments through my favourite accommodation app – Booking.com.

Thankfully, I was able to cancel the £1300 reservation and rebook another set of apartments for the correct weekend with no issue at all.

Closer to the date, when numbers dropped slightly I was also able to call their booking line and adjust the number of apartments we needed on the Friday and Saturday evenings with no problem. I felt more comfortable doing this over the telephone and James was fantastic in altering the arrangements quickly (and saving me some money in the process)

Disaster was averted and the apartments we did end up staying in were absolutely brilliant. Not that I expected anything less. One of the many reasons that I always use booking.com is because there are so many reviews of properties and they are always really accurate. Hotels, apartments etc are rated out of 10 on cleanliness, comfort, facilities, location, staff, value for money and wifi (which is really important if you are working while you are away or have a child who is dependent on good wifi as I am with my autistic son).

When booking on the site you are given very detailed information of the property and rooms and have a variety of bedroom and breakfast options. As well as this you are given the option of a free cancellation or a slightly cheaper non-refundable deal. To be honest I have always paid the tiny extra amount to give me the flexibility of amending the reservation if I need to – which proved to be a life saver with the hen night booking as well as other bookings when things have changed unexpectedly (for example when I booked a hotel for a Peter Kay comedian tour which was suddenly cancelled). The peace of mind that I have when using this site is absolutely priceless!my booking.com profile showing 25 trips and 12 reviews


I have used booking.com since 2012 for 28 short breaks and holidays to places such as Manchester, Liverpool, York, London, Poland, Montenegro, Croatia and Italy. I am now a ‘genius booker’ which entitles me to a further 10% off already great deals as well as perks such as welcome drinks and late check out. To become a genius traveller, you have to make 5 bookings over 2 years which isn’t difficult thanks to their brilliant offers anyway!

But here’s where it gets really good……

If you are currently thinking about a getaway break or holiday then I would highly recommend you check out booking.com. If you click on my recommendation link you will also receive £25 off your reservation which is a brilliant saving on prices which are already low (I don’t receive any affiliate payment for your booking. This is simply an offer for you)

In summary, reservations with booking.com gives you…

  • The best prices and selection of accommodations.
  • Full flexibility to amend or cancel bookings up to 24 hours before the date.
  • Thorough and accurate reviews.
  • A variety of room and breakfast options.
  • A dedicated help line that you can call if needed.
  • Opportunity to become a ‘genius booker’ to unlock further offers.

Even if you’re not planning on going away for quite a while, it pays to book early and with free cancellation you have nothing to lose! I really hope you enjoy using the app as much as I do and I would LOVE to know where you are going when you use your £25 off!

Chat Soon,

Charlie xxx

Dont forget to use your £25 off by clicking on this link. I don’t receive a commission for this but you receive an even better deal! You’re welcome x


** This is a sponsored post in collaboration with booking.com. All views are my own **





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