You will have already read about my addiction with Mrs Hinch over on Instagram! I know that many of my friends and family also follow her and her recent growth in popularity has been phenomenal! So today, I thought I would find out who else is addicted to the cleaning antics and lifestyle of the wonder who is Mrs Hinch in a fun quiz. Are you ready hinchers?

1. How often do you check Mrs Hinch’s Instagram stories?

A) Once or twice a day

B) As often as possible

C) Its easier to tell you when I’m not watching her to be honest

2. How do you pronounce ‘Minky’?

A) Minkeeeey

B) Mink-eh!

C) I tend to sing ‘Minkeh, do you love me?

3. Name this product

dave the duster

A) A pledge duster

B) Dave!

C) Dave maaate!

4. How much has your cleaning bill increased?

A) I’d say £5 or so

B) Too much!

C) Its fine, we are eating less so the bill hasn’t changed

The rise of Mrs Hinch - A hinch haul

5. What is the last thing you do before bedtime?

A) karate chop my cushions

B) Put my cloths to bed in a zoflora bath

C) All of the above with a squirt of Lenor for good measure

6. How badly do you want a minky?

A) Really looking forward to it!

B) So badly it hurts!

C) I am dreaming about buying 13! I need minkeh in my life


7. How do you now congratulate a friend?

A) Well done

B) Yes mate!

C) Yes maaaaaaate! All the best!

8. What was your first reaction on hearing that Mrs Hinch was at a recent store opening?

A) I thought “Good on her!”

B) I couldn’t wait to see her IG story

C) I wondered if I could organise a last minute bus trip to the store!


Tot up your answers and check out what they say about you below…

Mainly A’s. You are a fan but the Hinch mania hasn’t gripped you yet. Stick with it. There’s still time.

Mainly B’s. You’re loving Mrs Hinch and her influence can be seen in and around your home now. There are still some items you are referring to by their professional name. Loosen up and learn to love Dave, Paul and Vera.

Mainly C’s. Yes maaate! You’re one bottle of zoflora away from rehab but at least your house is immaculate! Support groups meet on a Tuesday and Thursday in the cleaning aisle of your nearest Poundland. Check your local store for more info**

There we have it, folks. To all the fellow hinchaholics, I raise my squirty bottle of fabric softener in salute and send you All the Best!

Charlie xxx

** There are no support groups meeting in Poundland but there really should be!







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