We try really hard not to let our altered life hold us back from enjoying what is also a very rich and beautiful life. But, I cant deny that we often face some challenges along the way.

In my ‘adventures of an altered life’ series I aim to share with you the ordinary fun of an extraordinary journey. This will include accounts of  our days out, holidays away and general life in the fast lane.

I’ll also be sharing the difficulty in making huge decisions for Harry and his future face and life as well as the results of those decisions – often hilarious and heart warming, always nerve wrecking and full of never ending hope.

Great to have you with us to share these adventures. Buckle up, it can be a bumpy ride!

9 reasons why living with autism is hard

My son, Harry is almost 12 as I write this but I have no idea how I would rate his age in his own world. His language is below 2 years most of the time, his comprehension and processing of the world could be around 3 I’d say but his ability to twist me around his...

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5 ways to enjoy an Autism friendly holiday

In October 2016, my partner and I decided to take our four children abroad on our first family holiday. This in itself was always going to be a challenge.  Finding a place that suited everyone’s needs, a destination where the weather was warm enough to keep everyone...

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What does a child’s prosthetic ear look like?

When people see Harry, without doubt the first thing they notice is his missing eye. Rarely do people notice that he only has one nostril. I don’t think anyone has ever commented on the fact that he’s only got one ear.  His Dad and I were in no rush to have another...

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How to have fun at the circus!

A week or so after I had set up our Facebook page for Our Altered Life I was contacted by Rachel from a company called Circus Starr who asked if I would be interested in some tickets to see their circus performance. Obviously, I was really pleased to have been...

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How to share your story! I’ve got a face for radio!

Picture the scene.  I am out and about doing some shopping, minding my own business when a radio presenter thrusts a huge red microphone at me and asks my opinion on the new one pound coin? I don’t remember my reply. I do remember thinking “don’t say I don’t give a...

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