We try really hard not to let our altered life hold us back from enjoying what is also a very rich and beautiful life. But, I cant deny that we often face some challenges along the way.

In my ‘adventures of an altered life’ series I aim to share with you the ordinary fun of an extraordinary journey. This will include accounts of  our days out, holidays away and general life in the fast lane.

I’ll also be sharing the difficulty in making huge decisions for Harry and his future face and life as well as the results of those decisions – often hilarious and heart warming, always nerve wrecking and full of never ending hope.

Great to have you with us to share these adventures. Buckle up, it can be a bumpy ride!

Wonder the Movie – Our Review *contains spoilers*

If you follow my blog you will know that I have raved for ages about the book called Wonder which tells the story of August Pullman who has a cranio-facial condition called Treacher collins syndrome. I explained why reading the book touched me more than it might...

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3 reasons not to send my son to special school

Choosing the right school for any child can be overwhelming and stressful. Add in the extra considerations of disability, in any form, and the process becomes even harder. Harry has Goldenhar syndrome which is a rare cranio-facial condition but that alone wasn’t the...

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Does parenting advice differ for SEN children?

Recently, I wrote a blog about the best parenting advice that friends had been given before or as soon as they became parents for the first time. There weren’t any big surprises in there (although there was a plug for Tena ladies I didn’t see coming!) but as soon as I...

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Should we be looking for an Autism cure?

Last night I watched a programme on the BBC called ‘Asperger’s and Me’ by Chris Packham. Chris has had a tv career spanning three decades where he has always made use of his ‘encyclopedic knowledge’ of the natural world.  I had no idea that he had a diagnosis of...

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The Pain and Power of Social Media

Statista.com reports that so far in 2017 there are 2.46 billion social media users worldwide. That’s a LOT of content! Some of it is funny, heart-warming, heart breaking, terrifying, harrowing, inspirational, educational, informative, antagonistic …the list goes on....

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The adventures of a prosthetic eye

When Harry was born without his left eye I was devastated. Professionals assured me that medical science was making advances all the time and would create something that looked incredible. But I didn’t want to hear it. I didn’t want medical intervention. I wanted the...

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7 things to do when people are staring.

I never really noticed people staring at each other before I had a baby with half a face (yes, I’m blunt). The reaction we got in the early days almost made me a recluse. I was hyper sensitive to every glance and whisper. They may not have even been aimed at us but I...

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5 tips for successful birthday shopping (adventures with autism)

Harry turned 12 at the end of June. He loves the thrill of unwrapping gifts (although be warned, unless it’s a remote control he’s not interested. Even if the gift you thought he’d love cost a fortune. He’s a mote fan!) However, even more than that he absolutely...

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9 reasons why living with autism is magical

There is no denying that living with autism can be really hard at times. It’s frustrating and lonely sometimes but it’s also magical and amazing too. Here, to balance the points I made in 9 reasons why living with autism is hard, I want to share with you a few aspects...

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