We try really hard not to let our altered life hold us back from enjoying what is also a very rich and beautiful life. But, I cant deny that we often face some challenges along the way.

In my ‘adventures of an altered life’ series I aim to share with you the ordinary fun of an extraordinary journey. This will include accounts of  our days out, holidays away and general life in the fast lane.

I’ll also be sharing the difficulty in making huge decisions for Harry and his future face and life as well as the results of those decisions – often hilarious and heart warming, always nerve wrecking and full of never ending hope.

Great to have you with us to share these adventures. Buckle up, it can be a bumpy ride!

The friends you value when your child has additional needs

I never wanted to be the mum of a child with additional needs (see also – special needs, disabilities). It was never in the plan. When Harry received his second label in life of Autism (after his diagnosis of a cranio facial condition called Goldenhar syndrome) I...

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9 tips for any professional working with a unique child.

I was recently asked to give a talk at a local college to students embarking on a career as health care professionals about my experiences both positive and negative and the impact that had on me as a parent. I have to say that I really enjoyed preparing for the talk...

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A financial plan for my disabled son part 1

After I spoke on radio 5 live recently about the minefield surrounding making arrangements for my disabled son after I die, I had a chat with a legal advisor Philip Warford from Renaissance Legal who was part of the team of experts who spoke on the show. Phil...

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7 fears when parenting a child with autism.

I was recently asked to share my experiences of parenting a child with autism for an international website called Healthline which is the second largest health and wellness site on the internet! No pressure then *gulp* I discussed some ideas with them and one aspect...

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Dear autism, we need to talk

Dear autism, We need to talk. You knew me before I knew you. I know that you make your presence known suddenly for some families but you crept up on us gradually as I was adjusting to other news about Harrys health and I am grateful for that. There was no sense that...

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Looking back and moving forwards in an altered life

Looking back in life isn’t always the best thing to do but often I find myself remembering a time when life was so very different and comparing it to life now. My friends’ babies came home with balloons and stuffed teddies. Harry came home with a list of professionals...

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What will happen to my son when I die?

As a new parent, the concept of death is about as far from your mind as it possibly could be. However, when your baby has a life limiting disability, the certainty of your own death is painfully ever present. This is my reality, as it is for a large number of parents...

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7 ways to help your child understand facial disfigurement

When my twins were born prematurely I had no idea that Harry would have a rare cranio-facial condition called Goldenhar syndrome. I didn’t cope very well with the news that my son had a facial disfigurement in the early days, particularly as we weren’t sure of the...

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3 reasons why this autism mum can’t win

It seems that I always get inspiration to write a blog while I’m testing my bladder control at the local trampoline centre (with the boys, I don’t go alone!) The last time I was there I wrote one of my most read blogs to date – To the mother of the life I will never...

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