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I’m Charlie, Mum to twins Oliver and Harry although Oliver is three minutes older so he’ll tell you that he’s technically the ‘big brother’! Head over to my separate post here to learn a bit more about me.

Harry was born with Goldenhar syndrome which means that he has no eye, eye socket, nostril, ear and a short jaw. He’s also non-verbal, has global learning delay and Autism so life is as challenging as it is rewarding at times.

Oliver is his brothers fiercest protector, sharp witted and sarcastic. He struggles with anxiety but is rapidly becoming an incredible young man. He knows way to much about a life he is yet to live. Since when did 11 year olds know more than their parents?? Thanks for that YouTube.

Why am I telling our story?

I had no idea about Harry’s condition as I was carrying my boys and so, if I’m totally honest (and that’s my intention!) I didn’t cope very well right at the beginning as you can read in my blog.

I didn’t have the overwhelming maternal rush of love that I had expected. Suddenly, I was plunged into a world which had more questions than answers. I got on with life as best I could by painting a smile on my face and ‘pushing through’ but I was imploding. Eventually, the post natal depression caught up with me and I reluctantly sought the help I needed.

This blog is my way of sharing our journey and helping other parents through those early emotions and thoughts.

You can read my accounts from the perspective of a Mother lost and found where I talk about the personal struggles, fears and thoughts of becoming the parent of a very special child. In adventures of an altered life you can read about the often hilarious moments we face and the way that day to day life is affected. My family page will share the things that we get up to as a three as well as the other people in our lives that make life incredible. Finally, just Charlie is all about me, my random musings with lots of references to cheese!

Join us for the highs, lows, hopes, fears, successes and trials of a life less ordinary. Expect there to be laughter, tears, wine and cheese (not always in that order) as I share our journey. I hope you enjoy being a part of it. Please do give the page a share for anyone else who just might want some company through their altered life too!

Chat soon,

Charlie xx

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