Let me introduce myself

Ok so I am going to take a few minutes to be unashamedly self-indulgent and tell you a little bit about me and who I am. After all, you’re going to be seeing a lot of me and my boys so you might as well know the back story behind the cheeseaholic, sarcastic, only partially sane woman I am today!

Vital statistics

Five foot and a fag end tall, 32DD chest and a size ten body which only fits into a petite range most of the time (or teenage sized clothes to avoid VAT if they’ll fit) Blue eyes with black bags – sadly not designer and a deep crevice of a wrinkle between my forehead that my friend puts down to me having an ‘expressive’ face. I’m not sure what to make of that to be honest! Right handed, pitch perfect (well close enough. Beyoncé can sleep easy) and unable to do that tongue rolling thing due to a missing gene apparently. Life is cruel sometimes.

What I like

Cheese. All sorts. All hours of the day. As much as possible. I am a self-certified cheeseaholic and proud. Rose wine and more recently different types of Gin. Apparently Gin is THE drink at the moment which is amazing for me because I have spent my life just discovering the ‘latest’ trend when everyone else is about to move on. A sense of humour. Honesty and a good heart. My own bed. Showers over baths. Brown sauce over red. Staffordshire oatcakes. With cheese obviously! Filet steak. Laughing with my friends. Music. Singing in the car on my own and with my children. Dancing in the kitchen. Any programme concerned with property. While my sister can have a sofa marathon day of Netflix I would rather watch Kirsty and Phil talk location location location. My family. Did I mention cheese?

What I don’t like

A lack of manners. It drives me insane! Snow. Peas. Liver. Lamb. The moment when you race to answer your phone and it stops just as you pick it up. Ironing, oh how I hate ironing! Running out of toilet paper. Discovering the last point whilst on the loo. Yes, its happened to you. Don’t pretend it hasn’t! We’ve all had to shake our lettuce more than once! Lies. People taking credit for work or ideas that aren’t theirs. Watching sport on the TV. People who don’t like cheese (just joking but they must have other marvellous qualities to compensate if we are to be friends)

Where I’ve been

Employment wise – fruit and veg girl, bank clerk, retail assistant (twice), sales girl, office administrator, behaviour support worker, teacher, network marketer. Love wise – all the wrong places and some of the right ones! Travel wise – New York, Australia, Mexico, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Corsica, various parts of the UK including Scotland, Ireland and who can forget the Vegas of the North ~ Blackpool.

I have battled depression, eating disorders and anxiety (aren’t I a cheery ray of sunshine) and have experienced wealth without joy and joy without wealth. I’m grateful for it all because its brought me here to you lovely lot (or maybe just a cathartic purging of my daily antics to myself if no-one reads this blog!)

Where I’m going

No idea but I’m excited. Stick around to find out and please get in touch to say hello too. I love a good introduction (and gifts of cheese are always appreciated. Just saying)

Chat soon,

Charlie xx



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