Until the 2018 series of Love Island, I had never watched a single episode of the ITV2 programme. In all honesty I wasn’t particularly interested in this one but the first episode aired on the night I was sitting at the side of my sons hospital bed as he recovered from an operation and there really wasn’t much else on the TV.

Harry in a hospital bed after an operation

The nurse who was looking after Harry noticed I was watching it and was clearly very excited to see its return.

“Will I become addicted if I watch this one?” I asked the medical professional

“Yes!” she replied emphatically “You will lose your life for the next 2 months but you will love it!”

I didn’t believe her but 8 weeks later and here I am, wondering what on earth will fill the void now that Love Island has ended. Even my other half, who scoffed when I said I was watching it, has been bitten by the love bug. He was #TeamAlex the whole way through and we had many a heated discussion about the point at which Dr Alex should be dumped from the island. He even SULKED one night because I watched an episode without him as he was watching a movie with his kids! Bonkers!

So the nurse was correct in her prediction but one thing I never asked her is how to cope with withdrawal once the show ended. What would I look forward to through my days now? What would me and the OH laugh and gasp at, predict and celebrate now that the Islanders were ‘on the outside’?

I’m sure it will be a slow return to reality but I just know there will be aspects of Love Island that we will chat about for ages yet. If you, like me, are struggling to come to terms with the end of the show (I do feel that there should be some sort of helpline) then I’m sending virtual cheese and gin your way because…well, cheese and gin!

If you’re not sure whether you fit into the category of ‘obsessed and in mourning’ please read the 9 points below and head to the bottom of the page to find out what it means for you and your mental health.


You’re not ready to let go of Love Island just yet if…

  1. You cant bring yourself to delete the whatsapp thread. Instead, you prefer to scroll back through the messages and laugh at the gifs and memes that you all shared during happier days!
  2. You are still referring to yourself and your OH with a hybrid name. This was great for Jani (Jack & Dani) and Jaz (Josh & Kaz) but if you’re called Sean and Kitty or Rebecca and Andy I’d seriously think again!
  3. You’re contemplating buying ANOTHER water bottle and phone cover while they’re still available as it will break your heart to see your name fade away from the ones you bought in week 2.
  4. You are contemplating having your duvet personalised with your names bottom right so in the night, it looks like ITV2 are giving a commentary of your sleeping positions.
  5. You’ve still got ‘twitter twitch’ and feel the need to check social media every 2 minutes between the hours of 9pm and 10.30pm.
  6. You’re still using the Love Island slang that non viewers don’t understand. Thankfully that means you can reference the ‘do bits’ society in front of your parents and let them think you’re taking an active interest in the local community.
  7. You still shout “I’VE GOT A TEXT” when your phone pings.
  8. You’re now trying to predict the lucrative deals that the islanders will get (you’ll be the first to buy Jacks new stationary range) and are secretly hoping for a spin off series ‘ Keeping it real with the Dyers!’
  9. You have already followed all the key players on Instagram so that you can keep up with their EVERY move!

Results (gather around the fire pit people…)

Love island - a fire pit

The Love Islanders fire it was way fancier!

If you agreed with 0 – 3: You’ll be ok. It was good fun while it lasted but in a few days you wont remember most of their names anyway, Just like that summer you spent in Ibiza!

If you agreed with 4 – 7: Ok so it may take a while but you’ll get through this. Talk it through with friends, remember the good times but try not to dwell on it too much. The islanders would want you to be happy.

If you agreed with 8+: You, my friend need the helpline. Hell, you might as well set one up yourself. Have you booked tickets to meet the islanders at the Excel Arena yet? You have haven’t you? If you just pop your name in the comments below then I’ll be sure to pass it on to security. For safety reasons obviously (theirs)

In all honesty, I have thoroughly enjoyed Love Island 2018 and was rooting for Jani all along to be the winners. I cant wait to see the front cover of Hello magazine at Christmas when they’re at Danis Nan’s and then when baby Kimberley is born! Yes, I scored 9.

Good luck to all those who found love on the island and I’m wishing every happiness to the viewers who found love with the show! See you same time next year (that gives us plenty of time to arrange that phone line)

Chat soon

Charlie xxx

Love Island - a woman holds a mobile phone






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