I was recently asked to share my experiences of parenting a child with autism for an international website called Healthline which is the second largest health and wellness site on the internet! No pressure then *gulp*

I discussed some ideas with them and one aspect which has not been covered much on their site are the fears that we have as parents of children with additional and learning needs.

So here it is, as honest as ever but hopefully something which will resonate with other parents who may be struggling and help to inform parents without these things to consider and give just a glimpse of our life to help raise awareness and understanding.

7 fears an autism parent will understand.

Fears of an autism parent

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Charlie xxx

p.s I can’t cope with blogs that are this short – I am a waffler and seeing one blog on half a page of A4 makes me feel very uncomfortable. I feel the need for a cheese sandwich. Regardless of the question in life, cheese is the answer. (And gin but it’s a bit early even by my standards!)



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