There is a ten-year age gap between myself and sister so although I doted on her when she was first born and through the early years, we saw less of each other as I went through my twenties. Over the last five years or so we have rekindled the bond we shared in the early days. I planned all of her hen nights (there were about seven!) and was her maid of honour on the big day. I was one of the first people she told when she discovered she was pregnant and went to a couple of early scans and an anti-natal class with her too.

Becoming an auntie - Me and Emily

It had never dawned on me until I sat watching her have a scan, how scared I was that my little sister may have an altered life like my own and have a baby she wasn’t prepared for. As casually as I could muster, I reminded her to ask about the development of the eyes and skull and to hear that everything was fine made me more emotional than I ever expected.

I will never have another baby of my own as my fiancé has two children of his own and being a family of six is more than enough for us (don’t forget Sherlock the dog too!) So, I knew that having a niece or nephew would give me the chance to live vicariously again through my sister and I was excited to help her as much as I could (and as much as she needed. I am totally fine with being told to back off a bit – sort of!)

But nothing prepared me for how much I would love her baby until it arrived. My nephew George is absolutely beautiful and I feel immense pride as I look at my little sister and the tiny person she created with her husband.

Becoming an auntie - My sister Emily with George

It also warms my heart to see the way my own son Oliver is in awe of his new baby cousin and completely dotes on him. I am excited about the future as ‘Auntie Char’ and watching gorgeous George grow and develop. They are just three of the blessings in becoming an auntie. A few blogger friends have also given me their own thoughts on what it means and how it feels to become an auntie.

Becoming an auntie - Oliver with George

Alex My nieces and nephews are amazing (obviously they get that from me) – I have a special relationship with them – I’m their friend and confidant and they know I’ll always be there to have their backs. They can talk to me about things they don’t necessarily want to tell their mums and dads, know I’m always open and no question is embarrassing or out of bounds. They gave me ‘practice’ before having my own kids and are amazing big cousins to my little ones too!

Becky you see a little bit of you and your mum your dad your sibling your grandparents all wrapped up in one..and it’s so so beautiful and you aren’t hormonal or tired or panicking and you can just completely enjoy that moment

Becka I was so excited when my niece was born. My favourite part was having cuddles and feeding her, then passing her back when she poo’d…my sister got her own back though when my son was born so I’ve still changed lots of nappies, haha.

Cathryn I became an auntie for the first time five years before I became a mum and it was the most wonderful experience. I was in complete awe of this new generation of our family and it felt so special. I loved looking after my nephew and sharing his milestones and watching him develop. I also loved seeing a different side of my brother as he got to grips with being a dad. It really made me realise how much I wanted children of my own. It was great to get some practice in – my brother and his wife trusted me to look after him and I loved being able to do that for them.

Chloe Seeing my brother become a dad was so amazing!! He’s wanted kids for a while and I’ve got 4. He gave me a niece 4 weeks ago and I’m so so happy and so proud of him and his wife!

Janet  I became an auntie when I was just 12. I was a child whilst my nephew was a child. Even though there is an age gap I have always felt as if we were somehow on the same “side”. We were the children and the rest of the family were all adults. He was my tiny ally. He’s now about a foot taller than me so not very tiny now!

Rachael  I became an auntie for the first time 10 years ago and I absolutely love it. I didn’t have my own children & I got to teach her things that I definitely wouldn’t teach my own little boy ?

Alice It’s great to be that positive role model who they know they can come to if they need to talk. It isn’t always easy to talk to your parents so I’d like to think I’m the next best thing.

Jennie I am always blown away by how much love I feel for them as if they were my own children. There was an instant familiarity when I met them for the first time.

Emma  You can give them back hehe

Jen  Buying musical and loud toys! I did this to my sister who had bought everything noisy under the son for my son!

Terri I just love that you can love and protect them, guide and support them but also be a friend and confidant through the tough years in a way that a parent can’t always be.

Huge thanks to everyone for their comments. Are you an auntie or uncle? I’d love to know your experience and opinions!

Chat soon,

Charlie xx



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