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What to buy for the child who wants nothing? 4 ideas!

We are used to hearing the phrase ‘what do you buy for the man/woman who has everything?’ but I have a slightly different but equally challenging dilemma; ‘what to buy for the child who wants nothing?’ When my twin boys were young it was so easy to get carried away in...

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5 ways of explaining autism to kids

I am quite used to explaining why Harry's face looks different to most nowadays and if facial disfigurement is something you would struggle to explain to your child then please check out my bog post on 7 ways to help your child understand facial disfigurement as the...

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Should we be banning Father’s Day?

I recently saw a debate on television about whether Father’s Day should be banned as the numbers of single parents are on the rise. Whaaaat? Even if that’s the case and a mother is raising her children alone as my mum did for years, they didn’t arrive as the product...

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