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3 reasons why this autism mum can’t win

It seems that I always get inspiration to write a blog while I’m testing my bladder control at the local trampoline centre (with the boys, I don’t go alone!) The last time I was there I wrote one of my most read blogs to date – To the mother of the life I will never...

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Is no surgery ever an option?

I recently visited Alder Hey children’s hospital in Liverpool to discuss the next steps of Harrys reconstruction with his lead consultant and other specialists. Its always a daunting time with so much to remember and consider and as I shared the day on our social...

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Valentine’s Day Disaster Dates

Picture the scene. I’m 14 and madly in ‘love’ with a boy at school, we’ll call him Richard (Dick for short *sniggers*). I have graffitied the cover of my diary with CB hearts RB and pushed anonymous mix tapes through his door like some sort of pathetic love-struck...

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