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7 fears when parenting a child with autism.

I was recently asked to share my experiences of parenting a child with autism for an international website called Healthline which is the second largest health and wellness site on the internet! No pressure then *gulp* I discussed some ideas with them and one aspect...

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Dear autism, we need to talk

Dear autism, We need to talk. You knew me before I knew you. I know that you make your presence known suddenly for some families but you crept up on us gradually as I was adjusting to other news about Harrys health and I am grateful for that. There was no sense that...

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Looking back and moving forwards in an altered life

Looking back in life isn’t always the best thing to do but often I find myself remembering a time when life was so very different and comparing it to life now. My friends’ babies came home with balloons and stuffed teddies. Harry came home with a list of professionals...

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