Sharing the highs, lows, challenges and triumphs of a life altered by facial disfigurement & special needs

Hi I’m Charlie, Mum to twins Oliver and Harry, part-time teacher, author, blogger, charity founder (More Than a Face) and cheeseaholic! Welcome to our website where you will read about the highs, lows, challenges and triumphs of a life which changed unexpectedly when Harry was born with a facial disfigurement and was later diagnosed with autism. I am real, honest (brutally at times) and passionate about supporting others on journeys they never expected to take. Welcome to our happy madness!

Our Altered Life is the account of our journey, written over 9 years. Initially, it was simply my way of recording my thoughts and feelings over time but as friends read it they encouraged me to publish it as they felt that others would gain a lot from reading my honest reflections. It turns our they were right! An Amazon best seller with incredible reviews (which aren’t all from my mum!), I am very proud of my first book and keen to make sure that it is read by the people who really need it. You can download chapter one for free!

My child after diagnosis

I was having my hair done recently and got chatting with another client. We were talking about our children and I explained that Harry is autistic. She told me that her friend's son had recently received a diagnosis of autism and that her friend was struggling to cope...

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Abortion and disability. My answer to the question.

Followers of my social media pages over on Facebook and Instagram will know how important it is to me that I show our lives honestly. That means showing the bad days and the challenges as well as the great days and the successes. Recently Harry has struggled with...

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Incontinence and Autism

Followers on our social media channels will know that Harry has really been suffering since he had a UTI (urinary tract infection) back in February. His autism means that communicating his discomfort is incredibly difficult and this has led to a series of distressing...

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