Just Charlie - Our Altered Life
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I am a mother (life long carer for two), fiance, daughter, sister and friend. All of those roles are important ones to me but sometimes you just want to press pause for a while and just be you. So here I am, just Charlie.

Read my thoughts on everything and nothing in particular. My musings and ramblings on a life that continues to amaze and confuse me in equal measure daily!

Sometimes, particularly for mums who have the challenge of being a carer too, we can forget who we are when we are busy racing around and thinking of everyone else first so I make no apologies for being unashamedly self indulgent and a little bit sarcastic. I’d love you to meet me as myself as well as my boys Mum. I suggest you bring crackers and cheese – chances are that copious amounts of both will have been consumed in the creation of these blogs. Cheese is what I live for – after the boys, obvs!

4 weird habits that make me an irritating date!

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bedtime issues - sleeping anywhere

Bedtime issues – the traumas of parenting

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Messages from the other side – evidence or coincidence?

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Why you should always trust your intuition – introducing Flo

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Just Charlie

A little bit about me…

Let me introduce myself Ok so I am going to take a few minutes to be unashamedly self-indulgent and tell ...
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