Family - Our Altered Life
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We are a family of many combinations. Sometimes we are a family of three – me, Oliver and Harry. Often we are a four – adding Andrew, super step-dad of the year, into the mix. At times our family grows to six when we are lucky enough to be joined by Andrews children Benedicta and Harrison. Oh and don’t forget Sherlock the dog. He deserves a mention!

Life is always hectic and never dull.

In my family blog, I’ll be sharing the highs and lows of an Altered Life from everyones perspective. We are a team and I hope you enjoy reading about our journey.

5 reason why I’m not telling my son to man up

I have written before about my son Oliver’s battle with anxiety and my attempts to help him. Recently I had ...
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Me and my boys

One to one time with my boys – the joys and struggles

Welcome to motherhood where you are not given a handbook with frequently asked questions in the back such as “why ...
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autism meltdown

Seeing an autism meltdown – how can you help?

My facebook page is usually a place of laughter where I regularly take the mickey out of our unique lives ...
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Beating anxiety at Alton Towers

Beating anxiety – one school trip at a time

Oliver and I argued recently. We never argue really, we discuss everything before it gets to that point but one ...
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Oliver and Wonder

Wonder – The book review by Oliver

I recently read Wonder by R.J.Palacio for the second time and loved it. Read here, how and why it really ...
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The Wonder of my boys

Touched by Wonder

I have just finished reading Wonder by R.J.Palacio for the second time and I still said “WOW” at the end ...
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Living with anxiety

Living with Anxiety – a siblings curse

Recently, Oliver’s school was closed for voting and so we were excited to have a day together on our own ...
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My baby youll be quote

When you see a glimpse of life ahead…

Today I visited an antique centre with Andrew (I know! I know! I don't look 70 do I 😩) and as ...
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quote about moments that change your life

The moment that life changed forever

We were parents! Our lives had changed forever. Mark had gone to make all the customary phone calls to announce ...
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Nap time logo jumper

Hello babies!

One of my favourite parts of pregnancy was the afternoon granny naps! That hour of guilt free dribbling on the ...
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5 things not to say to a Mother carrying twins!

Once I got my head around the idea of carrying twins, I felt mega smug! Whilst other mere mortals were ...
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Two eggs representing twins

One oven, two buns. Pregnancy news!

I am not a fan of finding out about pregnancies too early. It makes me sympathize with an elephant whose ...
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That magical moment! I’m pregnant!

Mark and I had decided that we wanted to create a little person of our own but I’d been on ...
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