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I love quotes

My 3 quotes to live by

Any of my friends will tell you that as far as addictions go I’m pretty hardcore when it comes to two things ~ cheese and quotes.  (Learn a bit more about me here if you’re new to the blog). I have plans for more cheese related blogs coming soon (I just know that excites me waaaay more than it excites you. Sorry not sorry) so today I just wanted to share my three favourite quotes, the ones I live by day to day.

In the end we only regret the chances we didnt take

First up is a big one. You may or may not have read my blog on trusting your intuition but its a huge part of how I live my life. Trying to tap into the voice inside me which guides my decisions, both big and small. The disadvantage to this is that I often think with my heart rather than my head which can be more rewarding than practical. The advantage is that I know I wont get to my deathbed full of ‘whats ifs’ for a life I could have lived differently. I don’t know if I would say I am brave or stupid but I know that life is too short to worry more than you laugh.

I followed my ‘flo’ (intuition) when I left my teaching career for a life in network marketing. I had two great years with a brilliant company but as I drew close to the end of writing my book, my intuition said that life was heading in yet again another direction. Not wanting to introduce new people to a business and not fully support them I drew back from recruitment and carried on simply retailing the products I love. Since then I have returned to supply teaching to supplement my income and feed the gregarious ‘people person’ in me. Many people will say that I failed.  Yet I don’t see it as failing. I have been introduced to some incredible health products which I still use now, I have met some truly wonderful friends and travelled to some gorgeous places.  I have learnt loads, laughed hard and lived well. That’s not failing. Never trying is more like failing to me. This is the quote I could have tattooed on my body. This is who I am.


The second quote I remember often is one that I heard for the first time in one of my favourite chick-flicks ‘My Best Friends Wedding’. Starring the incredible Julia Roberts we see her sitting in a hotel corridor feeling deflated when a waiter sees her and offers her the advice his grandmother always said “This too shall pass”. I have loved it ever since (maybe also because I’m a little bit in love with Julia). Four simple words to hold on to when everything feels like its going wrong. And although its a terrible cliche I do think that time helps…not always heals, but helps.

keep calm and carry on


Finally, this epic beauty cheers me up and warms my heart too. One of my favourite subjects to teach my year 3 class was always history and in particular World War 2. As part of the lessons we looked at the motivational posters which were circulated by the Ministry of Information to inform and inspire the British people during such a difficult time. The first two posters were well circulated but ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ was intended to only be given out after significant bombings or trauma. It was never released to the public and the forgotten instruction for the quintessential British stiff upper lip, firm resolve and determined spirit was found 50 years later in a book shop. I love that this is how my Nans generation functioned. No self pity or expectation that they would be saved by anyone other than themselves. Just a stoic strength and unity. Keep Calm and Carry On might never have reached the 1940s population but its as relevant today as it ever was and when I see the words I hear that old British broadcaster voice and I do indeed feel calm enough to carry on (eating cheese, drinking gin…..the list is long)

If you’re interested, this is a short clip on the history of the poster.


So there you have it, my favourite quotes. There are hundreds more of course and I could be here all day if I was to go through them all but I hope you’ve got a flavour of the woman I am (cheese flavoured) from the quotes I live by….follow your heart, know that whatever challenges you face they wont last forever and to just keep your head and put one foot infront of the other. You’ll get there. You’ve got this.

Which quotes do you live by?  I’d love to know

Chat Soon

Charlie xxx

  • Grace Elisabeth
    Posted at 18:31h, 11 October Reply


    “If he wanted to he would have” which is my advice to all girls who are sitting staring at their phones wondering why he’s let her down or why he’s not text or why he hasn’t had the time to take them out etc. I always think if he wanted to he would find a way!! And you shouldn’t make excuses for the man that lets you down, that makes you cry, that makes you feel you need to prove your worth to him, to convince him to spend his time with you. You should hold your head up high and move along. He’s not for you.

    “And so she began to start living the life she dreamed of” which means so much to me personally, all those difficult years where I dreamt of a better life for me and for my children, when I didn’t think it was possible, I didn’t think I had the strength and then one day I did and I truly am now living the life I dreamt of. It’s beautiful to be able to say that.

    And finally from a book I read and it just resonated right through my soul “it was one of those moments in life that you realise exactly, without a doubt, what happiness feels like” and I am lucky enough to feel that so many times a day, a week, a month.


    • Charlie
      Posted at 08:12h, 13 October Reply

      So glad that you found that happiness in the end <3 C xx

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